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I sometimes get approached by people who are not wanting to go the full-monty financial planning experience.   They may be looking for  guidance on a specific decision they need to make, or for a second opinion on a strategy that they are already following. These requests can be tricky to satisfy.  The regulations under which financial planners are authorised require that all personalised advice is given in writing.  We also have to be certain that
Have you been putting off sorting out your personal finances?  If you have, you are not alone. It is not always acknowledged in financial planning that our relationship with money is laden with family baggage, regrets for missed opportunities and worries for the future.  Denying the psychological and behavioural aspects of how we feel and make decisions about our finances is missing half the experience.  Like watching an action movie without the background music. As

December 14, 2017

Shades of Green

As awareness grows of social and environmental issues, there has been an increase in investors wanting to understand the types of industries and businesses that are being supported by their savings. Traditionally investment managers were not concerned about the activities of the companies they invested in.  They were only interested in their ability to grow and make profits.  However, due to customer demand, a whole new style of choosing what to invest in has evolved. 

December 5, 2017

Women and Super

I was recently having a chat over coffee with a group of other Mums in business (truthfully I was doing a bit of market research) and I asked them if they felt that they had less super savings than they should have considering their ages and stages.  A conversation then followed about the gender pay-gap, taking time out of the workforce to raise a family and finding yourself sole breadwinner due to either illness or
You have an in-growing toenail.  Annoying, but not typically life threatening.  You go to your GP. Is it your expectation that while you are at the consultation your doctor also assesses your general health?  Would you be comfortable if they take your blood pressure, ask about your alcohol consumption, recommend that you lose a bit of weight? Would you expect that they also might notice the suspect looking mole on your arm?  Take a biopsy,
We all know that a puppy is not just for Christmas;  By taking the cute little bundle into your life, you are making a commitment to a long term relationship.  Your reward for this being years of faithful companionship (and hopefully some fun along the way as well). A lot of people only consider enlisting the help of a financial planner when they have an urgent need.  Redundancy, divorce and bereavement are all crisis situations
When I sit down with couples to talk about their life insurance, the conversation usually goes along the lines of “I want you both to consider what you would want your life to look like if your partner was no longer around, or unable to provide for the family”. For a couple with dependent children, the process would usually involve putting a value on the primary breadwinner’s likely financial contribution to the household between now
I am coming to the conclusion that there are just too many things to buy these days.  Add to that the ease with which purchases can be made (on-line, tap your card, on your phone) and it results in a situation where it can be very easy to lose control of your spending. Financial planners are reporting more and more approaches from prospective clients who are unable to make headway in their lives due to

February 1, 2017

What Flavour Are You?

One of the great joys of being a non-aligned, fee only financial planner is that there can be many more flavours of advice than vanilla.  Without a big corporation to satisfy, there is no pressure to recommend certain products or strategies or even to adopt any specific style of advising. This frees up relationships with clients so their true needs can be looked after whatever they are: Complexities around family relationships and roles (blended families,

January 12, 2017

The Basics about Gearing

With recent announcements from the major banks that they are raising interest rates on investment property mortgages, I think it is timely to talk about geared investments. In simple terms, a geared investment is one where some or all of the funds being invested are borrowed.  The investor pays the interest on the loan with the intent that the investment return will be greater than the interest paid on the borrowings.  The equation may also


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