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In order to keep my finger on the pulse, I am a regular reader of on-line adverts for positions vacant in financial planning.  Recently there have been a number of Insurance Sales Representative roles available.  No previous knowledge of insurance is usually required, just experience with outbound tele-sales, the ability to quickly build rapport and a “hunter” personality.  Base salary is fixed, but it is promised that successful candidates can add to that significantly through
What if your business partner can no longer work
For small business owners, there are many immediate priorities to deal with on a daily basis and it is hard to make time for longer term planning.  However, if you are in business with someone else and you are both key to the normal running and success of your enterprise, have you considered what would happen if one of you were no longer able to continue working due to ill health or death? I saw
A newly published piece of research claims that people who receive advice about their finances have higher levels of health and well being. Confident though I am in the value of good advice, this seemed a bit like a magic bullet to me.  On closer inspection it seems that it is not just simple cause and effect. The missing link is that the process of getting assistance from a financial planner increases the recipient’s financial
In my previous life as a project manager I learned the value of always having a plan.  I also learned that even when you have a plan, unexpected events can happen and new knowledge and insights gained as you go can cause you to make adjustments. Often when I have reflected at the end, the path we have taken is quite different from the one I had envisaged. “So if you aren’t going to stick
  A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call  from a call centre in the Philippines suggesting that I might qualify for tax savings from the ATO for this financial year.  All I needed to do was to answer a few simple questions about my household income, home ownership status and level of borrowings.  Having a few minutes to spare (and being a bit curious), I did as asked and “Congratulations!”, I found
Out of the blue you receive a cash windfall, it is a decent amount and definitely extra above what you need to meet your normal living expenses. You decide not to blow it on some luxury treat for yourself and to put it to use to improve your financial situation. But which would be the best choice, put it into the mortgage, or into super? The answer, as with most things in financial planning, is


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