Our Financial Strategies

At Summation Strategies, we offer personally designed strategic financial advice and financial product advice.  Below is a list of some of the areas we can provide advice in.  Please note that before recommending a strategy we will make sure that it is suitable for your situation and needs and in your best interests.

Debt Management and Budgeting

  • Analysing Income and Expenditure.
    Using data you download from your internet banking, we can help you discover where your money is going.  Whilst the process might make you feel uncomfortable at first, most people will be able to benefit straight away from some easy to make changes.  If longer term adjustments are needed, we are here to support you.
  • Review of credit arrangements.
    We can look at your borrowings and make recommendations for improvements in structuring.
  • Debt management plan.
    Our philosophy is to keep it sensible and achievable and to support you to stay on track.

Wealth Creation

  • Investment structure recommendation.
    Superannuation, own name, family trust, something else? How should you allocate your funds to best meet your objectives and maximise your wealth?
  • Investment product recommendation.
    We will make a recommendation for appropriate investments to purchase. We will take in to account your appetite for risk along with the need for diversification and liquidity requirements.  We do not accept any incentives or commissions from superannuation funds or investment managers, so you can be certain that what we advise is in your best interests.

Wealth Protection and Insurance

  • Insurance needs analysis and recommendation.
    We will work with you to determine how much and what type of cover you need. We understand that the optimum level of cover may not be affordable for everyone and we take a realistic and practical approach to the decision to be under-insured.
  • Insurance product recommendation.
    We are able to recommend a specific policy or policies that will meet your needs. We do not accept commissions from insurers, so you can be certain that what we advise is in your best interests.
  • Insurance commission rebate.
    If you already hold personal insurances and plan to retain them, we may be able to organise to rebate any on-going commissions to you.

Relationship Breakdown

  • Strategic Advice.
    We can work with your legal and other professionals to secure the best outcome for you financially.
  • Future Planning.
    We can be there to provide guidance to get you back on track and to plan for your future financial security.

Retirement Planning

  • Superannuation savings plan.
    We use financial modelling to project a target amount of superannuation and other savings that would be needed to fund your retirement.  Then we work out a plan of how to get you there.
  • Centrelink Age Pension.
    We can assist you to structure your affairs to maximise your potential entitlements.
  • Transition to Retirement Pension
    If you are over preservation age and looking to reduce your hours at work, but not to fully retire, we can help you to access a pension income stream from your accumulated superannuation.  We can also help you to understand how long your money is likely to last.

Retirement Income Stream

  • Superannuation Pension
    If you are planning to fully retire, we can help you to turn your accumulated superannuation savings into a regular income stream.  We can use our expertise in financial modelling to project how long your money is likely to last, to help you with your decision making on spending.
    If you have an existing pension, we can help you to manage your drawings and investments to maximise the longevity of your savings.
  • Centrelink Age Pension.
    We can assist you to structure your affairs to maximise your potential entitlements.


  • Superannuation savings plan.
    Superannuation is often neglected by the self-employed due to not being legally obliged to make any contributions.  We can make a recommendation that takes into consideration your other financial priorities, but that will give you the best chance of meeting your retirement funding goals.

Small Business or Partnership

  • Succession Planning.
    We can help you plan for what would happen to your business if one of the partners was unable to continue working through ill health or death.


  • SMSF Investment Strategy.
    We can assist you in preparing a compliant SMSF Investment Strategy, taking into account your diversification and future liquidity needs.
  • SMSF members insurance.
    We can assist you to be able to offer members insurance through your SMSF.

Estate Planning

  • Structuring of assets to support your wishes.
    We can assist you make sure that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes when you die.   We are able to work in conjunction with your legal professional to make sure that structuring and ownership of your assets is organised to allow for efficient transfer to your beneficiaries.