What is Strategic Financial Planning?


Strategies first:

At Summation Strategies, we are strategic financial planners.  Our aim is to help you to answer fundamental questions about your finances such as:

  • When can I retire?
  • How long is my money likely to last?
  • What insurance cover do I need?
  • Salary sacrifice to super, or pay off the mortgage first?
  • How do I reduce my debts?
  • Should I borrow to invest?
  • Am I paying more tax than I need?
  • Am I spending more than I earn?
  • Are my savings and investments working for me?
  • How can I improve my financial position?

We analyse your current situation and compare it with where you would like to be.  We then use our skills and experience to look for ways in which you can change the way you do things to improve your financial position and move you closer to reaching your goals.

  • We use sophisticated personal financial modelling software to compare different options to work out which is the best for you
  • We can make projections of your financial position into the future to see how you are going and to help you stay on track.

With a strategic financial planner you can be sure it is all about you being confident in how your finances are organised, protecting what you have, making the most of any opportunities and setting a course to meet your goals.


And only then; the Product:

Only once we have developed effective strategies for you will we look at the financial products you already have to make sure they meet your needs.  The Summation Strategies difference is that we do not accept any financial incentives from any financial product providers and will only recommend that you switch products if it is in your best interests to do so.  If we do recommend a product replacement, any trade-offs or differences will be discussed with you.

Once you are on track, we will check in with you regularly to review progress and to make adjustments if needed.  We want our strategies to continue to work for you long term.