A financial planner should be with you for life

We all know that a puppy is not just for Christmas;  By taking the cute little bundle into your life, you are making a commitment to a long term relationship.  Your reward for this being years of faithful companionship (and hopefully some fun along the way as well).

A lot of people only consider enlisting the help of a financial planner when they have an urgent need.  Redundancy, divorce and bereavement are all crisis situations where emotions are running high along with the long term financial consequences of making a wrong decision.  It makes obvious sense to reach out for professional help.

People tend to overlook the benefits of having a finance professional by their side during the less eventful stages of their lives.  When we first meet with new clients our focus is on understanding their needs and requirements and putting in place strategies to organise their affairs and give them the best chance at meeting their financial and life goals.  But this is really just the beginning.  A stake in the ground.  A point from which to start.

The magic is what happens over the long term.

As time passes, the adviser/client relationship can develop and deepen.  At review time, we track how our clients are progressing.  We celebrate their successes whilst at the same time holding them accountable to their in-progress goals.  When circumstances or priorities have changed, we create revised strategies to fit new needs and re-plot a new course.  All the while, we are keeping our eye on the horizon for hazards; for example changes in legislation, over exposure to risks associated with investing, or simply the issues associated with aging.  Through this on-going process, over time, we really get to know each other.

Then, if crisis strikes, we are there.  We already know your situation and you already know that you can trust us to give you the best advice.  We may even have already set up your affairs in advance to minimise the potential impact of such an event.

This is the true value of a long term on-going advice relationship.


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(otherwise please excuse the shameless use of the cute puppy photo)

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A financial planner should be with you for life
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