When No plus No can equal Yes

Being originally from England, I am not unhappy with the use of double negatives (did you see what I did there?).

I have since learned however, that as well as enabling the mastery of understatement, a double negative can also be used as a very effective decision making tool.

It is quite easy to identify the benefits of something by looking at how things will be better if you do it or buy it.  If I choose to go on that holiday, I will have a good time, make new friends and eat interesting food for example.

However, what happens if we ask the question in terms of what won’t happen if we don’t do something?  If I don’t go on the holiday, I won’t get any time to relax, I may end up working too much and I’ll feel unhappy when I see my friends posting their travel snaps on social media.   A shift in perspective like this allows us to identify the “opportunity cost” of not taking an action.

Turning it back to financial planning; sometimes people can find it hard to make staying on top of their finances a priority.  They know they need to take control and plan for the future, but in the now, they give their time and energy to other (often more appealing) things.

However, when it comes to personal finance, the biggest resource anyone has at their disposal is TIME.  And here comes the double negative:  If you don’t get on to it now, you won’t have as much time for your investments to grow, you may develop health concerns that make insuring yourself more complex and more expensive and you just won’t have that peace of mind from knowing that you are on-track and working towards your goals.

So do not delay! (yes, that was another one) and spend a little time thinking about what you may be missing out on by not doing.

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When No plus No can equal Yes
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